The Sound Train

There is a “new” player in town, it’s flexible, portable and very effective. It sends information on sound waves its AKA: Audio.

Audio has arrived and it’s here to stay. Brands, personalities and organisations want to dominate this space they strive to be the “the voice of xyz” but what the democratisation of audio has done is give people their own voice.

Audio has been a powerful communication form for thousands of years “So then faith comes by hearing” says in the King James Bible and hearing people are. As they listen to podcasts, audiobooks and talks. They hear about what moves them, what inspires them or what makes them angry, people are hearing more and more.

So the question is how to get them to listen? How to get people to hear the message you are proclaiming?

Experts in psychology say that the adult attention span is shrinking, however at the same time long form podcast downloads are at all time high. Perhaps the answer is simple: Humans like to listen and more importantly humans like to listen to what they like.

How to find the people that will like what I have to say?

First you need to have a great understanding of who would is your crowd or who would like to be in your crowd. Second, what do you know that they don’t? What answers, experiences you can give them that will enhance their life? Third and final, how can they find you?

4 Insights for you to jump on the audio train

1- Create a Unique Audio Branding

Intel has done a fantastic job of creating a sound that expresses their brand when we hear it. Over the years this sound is so clear in our minds that there is no way a brand can copy this sound to make it its own.

2 – Have a Clear Web Presence

Joe Rogan #1 Podcaster in many platforms has a clear, concise web presence that you know what you are getting into when you listen his podcast, you are getting the Joe Rogan Experience.

3 – Audio + Video

Add some video, having your podcast/presentation just in Audio is perfectly fine and works great. However you will see that people like to listen what you say and sometimes they want to see how you said it. The Dave Ramsey show is perfect example how of video increases your exposure and doesn’t necessarily hurt your listener base.

4- Be You

You have a voice, you have a story and you have a brand. Now go out there and tell the world.

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